Development and innovation

Gio Giacobbe

Sustainability is the absolute value shared by ACBC and YAMAMAY, who combined their knowledge and experience in research and development to create a product which, first of all, demonstrated credibility of concept, then of processes and finally of communication.
Today, we hear a great deal about brands that boast “sustainability”, but few really know how to actually integrate the key values that make it possible to define a product as “sustainable” into their collections. In YAMAMAY, ACBC has found a brand that is genuinely committed in this regard, with actual knowledge of the facts and above all with a long-term vision on this issue.
For ACBC, it was an honour to collaborate with a giant like YAMAMAY and we really have to thank all the staff, first of all Ms. Cimmino who followed the entire project development process, up to the product development team and Marketing, which played a key role in the success of the project during the launch and “post-launch” phases.

Gio Giacobbe – ACBC



Product safety and respect for the environment

Ensure the reduction of environmental impacts, use of renewable energy, energy efficiency, reduction of GHG emissions, responsible waste management, use of resources (e.g. paper, plastic) and ensure the safety of products throughout the entire value chain.

  • Scrupulous physical, chemical and ecotoxicological checks on the finished product
  • Scrupulous controls on each individual component, to guarantee safe products intended for consumers in full compliance with the Oeko-Tex standard, more restrictive than the REACH standard.
  • Use of certifications from third parties for named components.
  • Sharing the "Quality Manual", updated during 2022, with suppliers, ensuring that the entire supply chain can be aligned with the corporate quality standards.
  • Sharing the “Charter of Values of Sustainability”, a document describing the behaviours to be adopted to protect the environment.
  • Feasibility Study of the Take Back project, in collaboration with ERGO and Univa Servizi, for the closure of the post-collection cycles of the EDIT and ESSENTIALS swimwear lines.


Product quality

Guarantee quality throughout the value chain, from the design phase and the purchase of raw materials, to the use of the product by the customer.

  • Administration and analysis of the socio-environmental questionnaire.
  • Carrying out socio-environmental audits on the entire 2020-2021 supply chain.
  • Collaboration of suppliers with inspections carried out by INTICOM personnel from the start of production, to the final checks on the product. The entire process is aimed at ensuring that the product complies with the adopted standards.
  • Supplier impact traceability project through the adoption of the 4sustainability® ASSESSMENT to collect detailed information and data and to identify the level of best practices implemented by the supplier on key sustainability aspects.
  • Use of anthropometric mannequins, made by measuring Yamamay’s employees and optimisation of the relative sizes. These mannequins are useful for ensuring efficiency in the transition from one phase to the next and reducing the number of prototypes used during the design phase.
  • Creation of the components and products database within the PLM, to facilitate the sharing of information with all the actors involved in the design process and to ensure enhanced traceability.


Responsible Products

Support the integration of innovative and sustainable solutions and materials in the development of new products (e.g. recycled yarns).

  • Close collaboration with local certified suppliers, as well as global suppliers.
  • Continuous research for innovative and environmentally friendly, recycled, recyclable and certified raw materials (e.g. organic cotton, Supima® cotton, Global Recycled Standard, etc.).
  • Start of collaboration with the Radici Group for the Repetable® yarn used in the EDIT line, which facilitates the reduction of CO2 emissions and the use of water and energy consumption.
  • Start of the design of the ADAPTIV lines, characterised by a transversal fit and shape retention.
  • Development of circular product lines designed in a sustainable way to generate well-being for those who wear them: EDIT line featuring recycled and recyclable monopolymer swimwear certified as Eco designed.
  • Development of product lines with a reduced environmental impact with corresponding compensation of emissions: SCULPT line.
  • Use of antibacterial cotton on some product lines to protect and offer a sense of safety to consumers during the pandemic and post-pandemic phases.