Collaborations with LILT and ANT Foundation

Welfare and wellness

In 2021, Yamamay also renewed its collaboration with LILT – Italian League for the Fight against Cancer – by promoting the “Pink Ribbon” initiative in support of breast cancer prevention.

In October, the so-called Pink Month, training and awareness activities were launched on the subject with the support of LILT volunteer doctors.

Every year, our employees are also offered the opportunity to undergo free examinations, including ultrasound screenings. An initiative that has earned a great deal of acclaim, with over 700 medical visits completed since 2015 and, in particular, 80 visits in 2021.

2021 also marks the beginning of a new collaboration with the ANT Foundation (National Cancer Association). The initiative offered male employees the opportunity to receive free andrological visits (29 visits carried out in 2021), thus confirming the inclusive approach behind Yamamay’s actions. 

Continuing the partnership with ANT, in January 2022 Yamamay also supported the very important campaign to prevent melanoma and skin cancers. The ANT foundation offered our employees dermatological visits with the help of dermatoscopy for the timely diagnosis of suspicious and/or neoplastic lesions, carried out at Yamamay’s Gallarate head office, inside a mobile clinic.