Yamamay is highly committed to enhancing its human capital through the promotion of continuous learning, which embraces both hard and soft skills, structured professional growth and the sharing of knowledge.

In pursuing this goal, the Company relies on the Yamacademy, the corporate school of reference for all training activities, carried out both in the classroom at the Gallarate Academy and digitally through two tools: the Yamacademy web portal and, since 2021, the YamApp, available to all employees, including affiliated store staff.

The Yamacademy, which has become a fundamental pillar for the Company, aims to disseminate, develop and innovate the culture of training and personal growth, embracing the concept of lifelong learning, fundamental for the constant acquisition of professional, as well as personal skills. The Yamacademy is implementing an internal restructuring programme designed to help reduce the turnover of sales staff and improve company performance.

The Yamacademy portal is a key support tool for training activities, as it is the repository for most training materials.

Thanks to its structure, employees can access manuals, documents, courses and other resources useful for their professional and personal development.

Through the “documents” section, in fact, users can access a vast range of manuals covering various topics, including information technology, omnichannel processes, marketing, shopping experience, product, security, visual merchandising and company guidelines. These manuals provide detailed guidance to understand and put into practice the administrative and communication processes adopted by the organisation, as well as information on commercial price lists and video tutorials that illustrate the main features of Yamamay’s new collections, offering direct support to sales staff. The “training” section allows easy access to the platforms focused on safety, language and apprenticeship courses, and allows users to enrol directly for in-person courses.

In addition to the training materials available, the portal includes a “talent” section where employees can create profiles and participate in internal growth paths and join special company projects. In the “sustainability” section, instead, employees can view company initiatives in the ESG field, while the corporate “Green Trends Review” publication collects the most important articles on a monthly basis, completing internal disclosure activities.