Organisational Structure

Yamamay is well aware of the importance of an ethical and transparent corporate governance system that contributes to the achievement of strategic objectives and the creation of sustainable value.

Yamamay’s actions are inspired by and comply with the Bill of Rights of the United Nations, the Charter of Fundamental Rights of the European Union, the fundamental principles and rights at work defined by the ILO (International Labour Organisation), the Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises defined by the OECD (Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development) and the principles of the UN Global Compact pact, as referred to in the annexes of the Manufacturing Agreement (Quality Standards and Requirements Manual, Supplier Code of Conduct, Charter of Values and Sustainability and Packaging Guidelines).

Sustainability Governance

Yamamay has paid a considerable amount of attention to sustainability-related aspects since the Company’s founding, launching a formal reporting programme in 2019. To underline this commitment and to improve the procedures related to it, a Working Group dedicated to sustainability has been established. The CSR department consists of a Director, tasked with supervising the activity carried out within the function .

Board of DirectorsRole

Francesco Pinto: Chairman

Gianluigi Cimmino: Chief Executive Officer 

Maurizio Carlino: Director

Patrizia Giangualano: Independent Director

Definition of strategic lines and sustainability principles and objectives for Yamamay

Oversight of sustainability-related aspects inherent in the performance of the Company’s business activities and related interactions with stakeholders, including the approval of the Sustainability Report

Quarterly meetings

Risk GroupRole

Paolo Masciandaro

Patrizia Giangualano

Ida Schillaci 
(in carica fino al 31 agosto 2023)

Definition of the risk model and identification of roles and responsibilities

Implementation of an adequate risk management and control model

Risk assessment through the analysis of the probability of occurrence and its impact

CSR DepartmentRole

Barbara Cimmino: CSR Director

Riccardo Tangredi, Matilde Premazzi, Elisa Galmarini: CSR Team

Development of sustainability plans in line with the Company’s corporate strategies

Monitoring of the interaction between CSR projects and policies with stakeholders

Presentation and evaluation of initiatives and projects eventually submitted to the Board of Directors

Coordination of the implementation of activities by the Working Group

Corporate communication management

Updating and publication of the Sustainability Report

Meetings with the Steering Committee every 2 months

Sustainability ambassadorRole
Reporting team composed of 25 members

Implementation and operational management of sustainability initiatives defined by the Sustainability Committee

Collaboration with other business functions for the implementation of specific projects

Reporting compliant with the GRI Standards

Monthly meetings with all individuals in charge of reporting

Composed of the reporting representatives