Letter from the Head of CSR & Innovation

Dear Stakeholders, 
today, the textile, underwear and swimwear industry is at an epochal turning point.

The adoption of eco-compatible design requirements, dictated by the Ecodesign Regulation, is a key priority to align with the objectives of the Green Deal and the Textile Strategy adopted by the European Union.

Indeed, it is crucial that ecodesign criteria not only facilitate a smooth and sustainable transition, but also allow the necessary space for constant technological development and innovation. Within this framework, we expect a radical change of perspective in product design and industrialisation.

To successfully implement this project, it is time to focus on creating an environment where new solutions, processes and products can be conceived and thrive. This conceptual approach, both rational and creative, opens up unprecedented dimensions of development and growth, making our sector extremely stimulating and innovative.

I hope that for Yamamay this strong drive towards innovation does not stop and generates increasingly greater interest on the part of customers who are aware, informed and committed to change, with the desire to strengthen the relationship of trust with all Stakeholders.

We have two major lines of work ahead of us, which will require a great deal of resources and energy starting from 2024: 

  • the adoption of strategic choices to create low-impact, durable materials and products with an ever-higher recycled fibre content: our success in decarbonisation depends on them; 
  • the application of the Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD) which, starting from the 2025 financial year, will require large companies to disclose information on their environmental impact. For this reason, Yamamay has begun a gap analysis aimed at understanding which new KPIs will be identified and measured in compliance with the imminent reporting requirements based on EFRAG’s standards.

The working areas that we will pursue with a great deal of energy and vision include Sustainability, Innovation, Digitalisation and Technology, the Circular Economy, Collaborations, Transparency and Responsibility, and Training.

We are convinced that this dual transition can only be successfully navigated through shared commitment, contributing to the creation of a better, more equitable and prosperous future.

You are well aware that sailing fascinates us and helps us reflect on Yamamay’s sustainable development: the M.A.R.E. Mission and the RS21 class constitute excellent opportunity for personal training to transform ESG strategies into actions. Indeed, listening and discussing with Stakeholders, navigating experiences, knowledge and ambitions with other people are the very key to opening the doors of consciences and intelligences to the new horizons of sustainability.

And so I warmly thank you for your continued support and trust, for the encouragement and solicitations with which you fuel and drive forward this tough plan. A challenging but extremely rewarding journey is ahead of us!

Barbara Cimmino 
Head of CSR & Innovation