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The Green Claims Directive (Directive 2019/633/EU), which came into force in July 2019, aims to define clear and precise rules on environmental claims regarding products and services. The Directive imposes fundamental principles such as accuracy, reliability, transparency, unambiguity and comparability of such claims. In addition, it establishes specific criteria for different categories of claims, such as those regarding the environmental impact during the life cycle of the product or service. The Directive also provides for assessment and verification procedures by independent authorities or organisations. Finally, sanctions - including fines and bans - can be imposed on those who violate these rules.

In relation to the Green Claims Directive, Yamamay’s joint marketing and product working group has continued to adopt internal guidelines on claims regarding green products. The Brand has set itself multiple and highly ambitious objectives: 

Guaranteeing customers and stakeholders transparent and reliable data that supports purchasing decisions towards sustainable products, thus promoting a transition towards a green economy.

Ensuring customers that products comply with current regulations, as well as anticipating and adapting to future regulations, through correct information and scientific documentation relating to physical, chemical and eco-toxicological compliance.

Using category-specific product life cycle impact measurement methods, with particular attention to significant impacts such as carbon footprint, allowing the Brand to provide an accurate and industry-relevant assessment.

RS21 Cup Yamamay

In 2023, Yamamay consolidated its role as the main sponsor of the RS21 Cup Yamamay, strengthening a partnership based on shared values ​​and sustainability. The RS21 class stands out for its strong environmental commitment, as demonstrated by the "Sustainability Manifesto", which guides the class’s ethos with seven fundamental principles. RS21 boats use eco-friendly materials and an electric, retractable internal thruster to reduce the environmental impact. During the RS21 Cup Yamamay, Mark Set BOT electric buoys were introduced, characterised by a low environmental impact. Thanks to Yamamay’s support, the RS21 sustainability programme will be able to advance to include events such as the RS21 Cup Yamamay 2023 and the World Championships. A new collection dedicated to the RS21 brand, made with recycled fibres, highlights the joint commitment to environmental sustainability. 

Save the Ocean

Yamamay is actively committed to protecting oceans and biodiversity through its collaboration with the One Ocean Foundation, highlighting the Brand’s strong connection with these issues. The “Save the Ocean” campaign, disseminated through display materials in points of sale, shop windows, printed publications and social media platforms, aims to raise awareness among customers of the importance of responsible behaviour towards the marine environment and to inform them about initiatives designed to support these causes. During 2023, the EDIT LINE, developed according to the principles of eco-design, was relaunched with new colour combinations, confirming Yamamay’s ongoing commitment to environmental sustainability.

Adaptive Swimwear

Yamamay has launched the new Adaptive line called “ADAPTIVE SWIMWEAR”, characterised by the use of the LYCRA® ADAPTIV technology, developed by The LYCRA Company. This technology allows the garments to adapt to different body types, ensuring comfort and freedom of movement. Thanks to its hybrid nature, LYCRA® ADAPTIV allows garments to dynamically conform to different body shapes, offering a personalised and comfortable fit. The line offers just two sizes (XS-M and L-XXL), making it inclusive and suitable for a wide range of customers. This adaptability improves the online shopping experience and optimises inventory management. The “swim” line includes a one-piece swimsuit, a bralette, an adjustable high-waisted bottom and shorts, available in three colours. The products are characterised by elasticity, comfort and adaptability, promising to satisfy the needs of every customer with style and practicality.

Everyday, Everybody, Every Women Essential

Yamamay launched the “Everyday, Everybody, Every Woman Essentials” campaign, focused on the Brand’s most iconic basic underwear, perfect for every moment of the day. The goal is to offer all women comfort, confidence and sensuality, regardless of their age, ethnicity and shape. To promote inclusion, the campaign features four women of different body shapes wearing the Adaptive, Althea, Butterfly, Justin Rec, Principessa, Primula, Orchidea and Sculpt lingerie lines, demonstrating that Yamamay garments are designed to fit all body types, guaranteeing freshness, sensuality and comfort.


Pink Ribbon Campaign

For the tenth consecutive year in 2023, Yamamay once again continued its fruitful collaboration with LILT (Italian League for the Fight Against Cancer), with the key goal of raising awareness among women regarding the importance of prevention and early diagnosis of breast cancer. Throughout the entire month of October, women had the opportunity to obtain, at Yamamay sales points, a voucher valid for booking a free breast examination at one of the associated LILT clinics. At Yamamay, attention to raising awareness about breast cancer prevention is a continuous commitment and is not limited to the month of October. Taking into account the significant female component of its workforce, the Company offers employees the opportunity to undergo breast examinations and breast ultrasounds at no additional cost, directly at the Company’s facilities.

Principessa Super Bra Silver Edition e Lace Edition 

Yamamay presented the “Principessa Super Bra Silver Edition" line on the occasion of International Breast Cancer Prevention Month. This iconic bra has been reinvented with new and innovative features to meet the needs of women at different stages of life. The “Silver Edition” offers a versatile front and back closure, innovative materials that allow diagnostic exams such as mammograms to be carried out without the need to remove the bra and a wrap-around design with removable or additional cups for easy customisation. Each product is accompanied by a PRODUCT ID CARD which provides information on the environmental impacts. The official product launch took place on October 18 at the Yamamay store in Milan Cordusio, in collaboration with the Diana Association and the Libellule Insieme Foundation, with the participation of Dr Paola Martinoni, specialist in breast surgery and founder of the Libellule Foundation.

10 Years of Sculpt

Yamamay’s Sculpt line, launched in 2013, revolutionised the underwear and shapewear sector with an innovative and sustainable approach. Based on three main pillars, it offers aesthetically beautiful and functional products, designed according to rigorous eco-design principles and ensuring easy care. One of the pillars of the line is the patented Sensitive® Sculpt warp-knit fabric, supplied exclusively by Eurojersey, which not only offers innovative and high-performance features, but is also a virtuous example of sustainability and eco-design, reducing production waste and optimising production processes. 

The Sculpt line includes a wide range of products, such as bras, panties, bodysuits and leggings, including the recent “Sculpt Bold” version. All products are characterised by tailored cuts and high-quality fabrics that shape the body in a comfortable and natural way. To communicate the extraordinary features of the line to customers, Yamamay collaborated with the Sustainable Brand Platform (SBP), an Italian leader in the green and circular economy, to develop a fully digitised Product ID Card through QR codes applied to tags and POP materials. The ID Card provides information including details on product materials, CO2 impacts and use of water resources, ensuring full transparency and traceability. 

On the occasion of the 10th anniversary of the SCULPT LEGGINGS, Yamamay’s Research and Development department conducted a PEF (Product Environmental Footprint) analysis of the Sculpt, Sculpt Light and Sculpt Bold leggings to evaluate the environmental impacts of production.


Yamamay Sport

During the winter, Yamamay presented a line of thermal underwear designed to fit like a second skin during sporting activities, leisure time and outdoor work. 

The collection consists of four items – shirts and leggings – made with two distinct yarns: YTHERMAL WOOL with Merino wool and YTHERMAL TECH with Dryarn®. The first combines wool and polypropylene, keeping the skin dry and guaranteeing thermal insulation and a high degree of warmth, while the second, characterised by the Dryarn® fibre, ensures thermal insulation and maximum breathability, keeping the skin constantly dry. Its bacteriostatic nature helps to limit the proliferation of bacteria responsible for bad odours.

To emphasise these characteristics, Yamamay involved a group of athletes from different disciplines – including skiing, hockey, rugby, climbing and trail running – who wore the line’s products and shared their experiences:

Marco Chester SannaIce Hockey
Ludovico FossaliSport Climbing World Champion
Benedetta e Carlotta CaloroAlpine skiing
Beatrice ColliSport Climbing World Champion
Tommaso BenvenutiRugby
Stefano BianchiOCR Obstacle Course Race

The product features most appreciated by athletes include:

  • Suitability for carrying out sports activities: The athletes involved recognised that Yamamay garments are suitable for their specific sporting disciplines, offering comfort and freedom of movement during physical activity.
  • Thermal protection and comfort: Yamamay garments have been proven to provide effective protection from the cold and keep the skin dry – particularly for outdoor activities in adverse weather conditions – allowing athletes to focus on their performance, without having to worry about weather conditions.
  • Technical performance: Athletes appreciated the ability of Yamamay garments to offer a high level of technical performance, supporting them during training and competitions.
  • Versatility: Yamamay garments were deemed suitable for use in different seasons and weather conditions, offering flexibility and adaptability to the different needs of athletes.
  • Design and style: In addition to the technical performance, athletes appreciated the design and style of Yamamay’s garments, which make them not only functional, but also aesthetically pleasing.