Product ID Cards


In 2023, anticipating some operations that will concern the implementation of the DPP (digital product passport), Yamamay began collaborating with the Sustainable Brand Platform Italian start-up to develop product ID Cards. By entering input data, such as the quantities produced, the weight of the garment, the characteristics of the fabric and the suppliers involved, the platform carries out the LCA calculation of the product and generates a QR code divided into 3 sections: 

  • Product Details: composition of the fabric, components and packaging with related certifications.
  • Product Impact: product impact based on the “Climate Change”, “Water Footprint” and “Land Use” categories, with their equivalents for easier reading by the end customer.
  • Product Journey: geographical map that traces the path of the product through its production processes.

Product ID Cards are the first step towards transparent communication with customers, increasing their awareness of the impact of the product and of production processes. At the end of 2023, 15 ID Cards were developed, viewable on the e-commerce site and on product hangtags.

Product id card

Product ID Cards
developed in 2023


The ten-year collaboration between Yamamay and Eurojersey for the development of the Sculpt line is an example of excellence in the promotion of EcoDesign and supply chain transparency in production and communication in the fashion industry. The Product ID Card is the tangible result of a collaborative process that allowed Yamamay to evaluate the environmental impact of the Sculpt collection, through the use of primary data from the production processes, made available thanks to the SBP platform and Eurojersey’s direct commitment. This digitally-integrated supply chain model characterises the future of the fashion industry for companies that wish to truly play an active role in the transition towards conscious production, based on solid scientific methodologies and transparent and accurate communication with consumers.

Alex Albini Sustainable Brand Platform Founder & Chief Commercial Officer