Principessa Super Bra


In 2023, the Principessa Super Bra, in its range extensions, confirmed itself as the ABSOLUTE BEST SELLER of all Yamamay collections. Thanks to a size optimisation process, it allows to reduce waste and unsold items. Thanks to the careful work carried out by the Company’s Research and Development team, the line offers 35 cup-size combinations with only 5 sizes (XS – S – M – L – XL), thus becoming an emblem of inclusiveness of different physical conformations. Over the years, the fundamental characteristics of comfort, support, lightness and versatility have remained unchanged. The success of the Principessa Super Bra has led to the launch of new product differentiations aimed at guaranteeing superior performance compared to traditional products, as well as the expansion of the target audience. In fact, the design of the Principessa Silver Bra (intended for women who have undergone breast surgery and the Silver generation) and the Principessa Lace Bra has been completed. The Principessa Silver Bra edition was designed having in mind women who have undergone breast surgery, mothers-to-be and all those in search of a garment that is easy to use given the double opening.