In 2023, Yamamay once again continued its collaboration with LILT (Italian League for the Fight against Cancer) by actively promoting the “Pink Ribbon” initiative in support of breast cancer prevention. In October, during the so-called Pink Month, various training and awareness activities were launched on the subject with the precious support of LILT volunteer doctors.

As is the case every year, our female employees were offered the opportunity to undergo breast examinations free of charge, including ultrasound screenings, in collaboration with the Diana ODV association. The initiative has enjoyed considerable success over the years, with over 900 medical examinations carried out since 2015 and as many as 68 in 2023.

2021 also marked the beginning of a new and significant collaboration with the ANT Foundation (National Cancer Association). The initiative offered male employees the opportunity to receive free andrological examinations, thus confirming the inclusive

approach underlying Yamamay’s prevention actions for thyroid cancer. Continuing this partnership in 2023, Yamamay supported an important thyroid cancer prevention campaign, carrying out 107 medical examinations at its headquarters.



LILT medical examinations for breast cancer prevention 


medical examinations for thyroid cancer prevention