Supplier evaluation


Professionalism and full sharing of our principles and values are essential elements that we look for in our suppliers, with whom we are strongly committed to building lasting relationships – starting from the sharing of the Charter of Values and the Code of Conduct – with the aim of promoting collaboration and continuous improvement of quality standards, as well as environmental and social performance.

The selection of suppliers is based on a number of requirements:

  • technical experience in development and production,
  • adequate production capacity and compliance with environmental and occupational safety standards,
  • location in countries with an efficient supply chain that ensures a constant supply of materials,
  • geographical distribution to reduce country risk, particularly high in unstable geopolitical contexts,
  • prices.

Once selected, we support suppliers in all phases of product realisation, promoting the sharing of knowledge and solving any critical issues that may arise.


Supply chain mapping and qualification programme


sui fornitori svolti al 31 dicembre 2022

suppliers involved
(considered strategic)

covering 80% of garment manufacturers in terms of number and 93% in terms of purchase turnover


obtain a satisfactory score

(13% A and 46% B)
(based on currently analysed data)


have a Code of Ethics

oltre il %

have activated initiatives to support local communities

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have implemented working hours management systems

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create a training plan defined on the basis of the identified needs

Next steps:

  • Engage 30% of late suppliers in data collection
  • Take corrective action in collaboration with the percentage of suppliers that have obtained a C rating, at the moment a first action has been taken to engage these suppliers, specifying intervention priorities
  • Acquire quantitative and more in-depth data from suppliers who responded positively to the first assessment
  • Acquire data on level II of the supply chain, where by level II

    Yamamay intends:
  • Subcontractors: companies that carry out, as subcontractors of direct suppliers, some phases of the processing cycle (e.g. cutting, packaging, washing/dyeing, printing/embroidery);
  • Component Suppliers: the suppliers selected (i.e. recommended by Yamamay) of components and accessories used for the creation of the products (e.g. linings, cups, underwires, etc.).