The Sculpt line has been particularly virtuous since it first came out: it was our first ecodesign product. Over time, the carbon footprint of the line was measured and emissions were offset with the purchase of international credits to support the production of energy from renewable sources connected to water.

In 2022, as we prepared to celebrate 10 years of SCULPT leggings, the PEF (Product Environmental Footprint) analysis and the design of a latest version of the leggings using SCULPT BOLD fabric, launched by Eurojersey, got underway. In addition, ahead of European legislation, a first example of the Digital Product Passport will be developed with the inclusion of all product information, including that relating to impacts and the supply chain. In particular, impact measurements have given the technical teams the opportunity to make further improvements to the construction of all the products that are part of the line, which stands as a perfect example of ecodesign and durability in Europe.