We have always stood out for our commitment to aspects related to Sustainability, which is precisely why we have established a Working Group dedicated to CSR within our governance framework. In addition, we actively participate in working groups to integrate emerging guidelines, principles and best practices, as well as the Confindustria Guidelines on Social Responsibility, into our corporate system.

Sustainability Governance

BoD of InticomS.pA  




Independent member

  • Definition of strategic lines, principles and objectives of sustainability for Yamamay
  • Oversight of sustainability issues related to carrying out business activities and their dynamics of interaction with stakeholders
  • Meetings 3 times a year
  • Made up of 4 members, one of whom is an independent female experienced in ESG issues

CSR Director
CSR Team

  • Development of sustainability plans in accordance with the Company’s corporate strategies
  • Monitoring of the interaction between CSR projects and policies with stakeholders
  • Proposal and examination of initiatives and projects submitted to the Board of Directors
  • Coordination of the implementation of activities by the Working Group
  • Corporate communication management
  • Updating and publication of the Sustainability Report
  • Meetings with the Steering Committee every 2 months
  • Composed of 4 members

Working Group


Reporting team

  • Implementation and operational management of sustainability activities defined by the Sustainability Committee
  • Collaboration with other business functions for the implementation of specific projects
  • Reporting according to the GRI Standards
  • Monthly meetings with all reporting representatives
  • Composed of the reporting representatives