Cultivating our talent

In 2021 we released the first version of YamApp, an online training platform developed by Skilleyd Lab and accessible from any type of device without the need for installation. It is an extremely flexible tool, easy and immediate to use based on learning through continuous exercise and is available to all employees of Yamamay’s 477 stores and head office.

The YamApp features a gamification structure that organises the training modules into interactive paths made up of short descriptions and micro-insights, each of which ends with a test on the concepts learned. The YamApp is based on a logic of constant learning: people can train completing the various paths and collecting badges and medals, repeating the training to improve their performance and to return to the topics on which they want to focus and dig deeper, all with the advantage of being able to launch and interrupt their training sessions at any time. In 2021, we organised team championships in which all the employees were able to test themselves by participating and launching quiz challenges to members of the opposing teams. In December, members of the best teams was awarded a monetary prize to spend on welfare services.

With the confidence gained from the success of the first edition, the new 2022 championships were launched in March and will end on November 30: everyone will be able to resume training and challenge each other on new modules and topics.
In 2021, through the YamApp, employees took advantage of training courses on our basic and seasonal fashion collections, the functionality of the materials and their sustainability characteristics. The YamApp, in fact, offered an excellent tool for studying the product. In addition, the platform offered training modules on induction, soft skills and conduct.

In 2021 the Company offered a total of 20,658 training hours1 to direct employees and affiliates, equal to about 8.3 average hours of training per capita. Out of these, 16,700 hours of training were provided through the YamApp (of which 12,100 in 2021 alone), with active participants representing about 79% of the total registered users, while the average annual training per participant was just under 12 hours. So far, we can affirm that the tool has been well received by our audience of users, who are demonstrating constancy in its use, fully embracing the training logic.


(1) The data refers to Yamamay employees in Italy.