Cultivating our talent

Innovation and personal growth are an integral part of Yamamay’s philosophy, aspects that can be perceived in every decision, in every action and in every project. The next step will be to give a fresh face to the Academy, which will resume the pre-pandemic structure of the training courses and will combine them with the training tools implemented during the months when social distancing was imperative. A 360-degree training project, with an eye to the future, yet with its roots firmly planted in our long classroom tradition.

For head office staff, classroom sessions are planned with a focus on enhancing their managerial skills including time management, priorities and human resources for those in leadership role. In addition, the offer will also include technical courses differentiated based on the specific roles, on the basic and advanced use of software utilised most frequently during daily operations, or the English language for those departments that maintain relationships with foreign customers/suppliers.
We have developed several paths, both specific and transversal for all Yamamay employees.

In addition, we identified the need to update staff in the various locations on their sales management and on the various activities carried out.