In 2021, we concluded a virtuous process aimed at measuring the carbon footprint of our SCULPT line, consisting of a series of underwear and beach products designed with eco-design principles in mind. 
Through this project, we have learned how to reduce the impact of the emissions generated by our products. This activity presented an important opportunity to analyse our implementation and distribution phases, as well as to identify inefficiencies and paths to improve environmental performance.

The fabric with which we created the products in our SCULPT line, designed according to the principles of eco-design as early as 2014, is Sensitive®. It is a breathable, high-quality fabric produced with a reduced water consumption and duly reported energy. The Sensitive fabric is PEF (Product Environmental Footprint) certified, which at Yamamay we have used to measure the Carbon Footprint of this line, in collaboration with AzzeroCO2. We then certified the process with Certiquality.

For additional information, please refer to the “Planet, Responsible Resource Management” section.